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Adding style with ceramic & porcelain

When it’s time to add new flooring to your home, you want the best performing product possible and ceramic & porcelain can easily fill that need. In choosing either of these all-natural materials, you’ll never be left lacking when it comes to amazing good looks and classy sophistication. At the same time, the benefits are outstanding and serve a wide variety of homeowners needs. You should really take the time to look into this product line further, to see how it could benefit you.

At Casa Carpet, Tile & Wood Wholesale Distributors, we aim to create a flooring experience you won’t soon forget. We offer a large selection of floor coverings and services at unbeatable prices. From our showroom in El Paso, TX, we serve the areas of El Paso, Ciudad Juarez Mexico, Las Cruces New Mexico, Fort Bliss, TX, and Alamogordo, New Mexico. We invite you to stop by for a visit so that we can offer the same great options in flooring to you as well. You’ll be so glad you stopped by our store.

What ceramic & porcelain can do for you

Both ceramic & porcelain tiles are easy to love, and you’ll soon see why. There are many styles, designs, and color options available in this product line, which make it an absolute joy to decorate with, no matter which room you’re flooring. From a very light and minimal layout to something loud and boisterous, you’ll love the directions you can go with these materials. It’s easy to decorate when you have plenty of options in one material, and you’ll have that with these materials.

You may have noticed that both ceramic & porcelain flooring tiles have been used in such spaces as schools, hospitals, and cafeterias. In settings such as these, some of the other benefits get to shine through. For instance, these tiles inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria as well as being very easy to clean. This makes it a fitting solution for spaces where cleanliness is very important and makes it an excellent choice for your own kitchens and bathrooms as well.

The durability of these products can’t be disputed, with lifespans reaching 40-50 years. This can even be extended when proper maintenance and care are provided regularly. Fired in very hot kilns, these tiles are dense, hard, and ready to stand up under some of the heaviest traffic in your home.
Ceramic tile flooring in Fort Bliss TX, from Casa Carpet, Tile & Wood Wholesale Distributors

Consider ceramic

Ceramic tile is made from a mixture of clay and other materials, kiln-fired, and then usually coated with a glaze. Having been used for thousands of years, ceramic is best known for its durability. Its resistance to moisture and staining make it a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It is easy to clean and comes in a wide variety of beautiful designs. We welcome you to browse our online sampling of tile, but we really encourage you to visit our Casa showroom to see our extensive selection!

Consider porcelain

Porcelain tile, a subset of ceramic tile, is harder and denser than many other ceramic tiles. Because it is less porous, it is highly resistant to moisture, staining, and scratching. This toughness makes it well suited for commercial application, but its design potential, easy maintanence, and durabilty make it a popular choice for residential use as well. We welcome you to browse our online sampling of tile, but we really encourage you to visit our Casa showroom to see our extensive selection!

Hard like granite

People love granite tile because of its strength and its beauty. It is a durable natural stone that has high impact resistance and it comes in a variety of colors that range from light to dark. Casa has a large selection of granite tile in stock. Come by our showroom today!

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