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Making hardwood flooring work for you

No matter how you look at it, hardwood flooring is often considered a luxury item. This is based more on the quality of the flooring material than the price itself; this classification often keeps homeowners from exploring the possibility of having it for their own floors. There are many reasons to avoid thinking this way, as solid wood floors can be right at home in every home. From a variety of budgets, decor schemes, and benefits, you’re sure to find something that will work for you.

Casa Carpet, Tile & Wood Wholesale Distributors believes every homeowner should have access to dependable, high-quality flooring that is affordable and within reach. That’s why we offer all of our products at our El Paso, TX showroom at rock bottom prices. With a huge selection of materials and services, we are happy to assist the areas of El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Fort Bliss, TX, and Alamogordo, New Mexico. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you as well and look forward to your visiting us at your convenience.

Hardwood benefits for every home

With an impressive lifespan, hardwood floors are likely to be the last floor covering you ever install in your home. That alone makes it an excellent option when considering your budget. The money you’ll save on repairs and reflooring in the future might be very worth the upfront cost right now.

To assist the flooring in making it to its expected end, refinishing keeps it looking showroom new. After a few decades, your floors will start to show signs of wear and tear, no matter how well they’ve been treated. Refinishing strips that wear away, leaving you with a finish that looks brand new all over again. This can be done several times over the life of the flooring, and during the project, stain colors and finish types can even be changed.

As you might imagine, the durability of these floors is impressive. They will stand up to much more than some other flooring types will, including heavy foot traffic, pet traffic, frequent house guests and entertaining, and so much more. With the use of area rugs, placed in just the right spots, you can even protect your flooring from even more wear.

It’s important to note, however, that these floors can never be installed below grade or below ground level. Basements, for instance, are never a good placement for these floors.

Timeless style & durability

Known for its natural imperfections, wood flooring adds beautiful character and elegance to any home. Its timeless look increases home values and its natural colors work with any room decor. We welcome you to browse our online sampling of woods, but we really encourage you to visit our Casa showroom to see our full selection!

Installation tip: Wood requires time to acclimate to the room or area that it will be installed in. Therefore, it must be purchased at least 48 hours in advance of the installation and stored in the room or area you are going to have it in.

Moldings & Trim
Many flooring installations require moldings and other finishing pieces to be applied at openings (door trim, window trim, base trim). Stairways may require stair nosing for the edge of steps and landings. To finish the installation correctly, create correct transitions from wood flooring to carpet, tile or other adjoining flooring materials. To add that finishing touch, moldings are often the answer. We offer a series of five moldings to match each of our wood & laminate colors.
1. Reducer - Used to join two floors of different heights.
2. Square nose - Used between the wood floors and sliding doors, fire places or entry doors.
3. Quarter round - Used between the floor and wall. It can also be used with wall base moldings.
4. Stair nose - Used to attach to wood floors on the stairs, with a bull nose at the front edge to enhance the beauty of the staircase.
5. T-Molding - Used to join two wood floors or hard surface floors of the same height.

Own the real deal

When people think or hear "wood floors", they are likely imagining what people in the industry know as Solid Wood Flooring. Picture thick 3/4" planks, all milled from a single piece of timber and hammered in with nails. These are the wood floors you hear about lasting centuries with the right environment and care. Talk to an experienced Casa Rep for details on the care and installation of a real solid wood floor.

Solid wood floors are a natural product, full of rich character that people love. But please note, with that natural character, you will not receive a cookie-cutter product. Solid wood floors will have color variations in the wood, as well as natural blemishes. The pictures below are just samples of solid wood flooring and should be used as a guideline only. We strongly urge you to visit our showroom if you would like to make a purchase. All wood floors must be acclimated to your home or location for a minimum of 48 hours prior to install.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico from Casa Carpet, Tile & Wood Wholesale Distributors

Unfinished hardwood

Casa makes available an assortment of unfinished wood flooring options for those who want total customization. Add your own custom color, unique inlays, and other custom elements. Install first, then sand, stain, and finish! If this is your first time working with unfinished wood floors, be sure to ask one of our flooring professionals for details on how to get started. Unfinished wood flooring requires a bit more work, but you will undoubtedly get great satisfaction knowing your floor is one of a kind.

Click wood flooring

Sometimes known as floating hardwood because it is not glued to the sub-floor. The special design allows it to just "click" together and "float" on top of your floor for an easy install. Because click flooring is not glued down, it is also very easy to remove and reinstall. Casa Carpet, Tile & Wood Wholesale Distributors offers a variety of click wood flooring so come down and check it out!

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