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Feature-packed laminate for your home

Laminate flooring is most often chosen for its amazing ability to mimic solid hardwood flooring. All the elements of the real thing are there, including the amazing species selection, stain colors and finish types. The upside, however, is the amazing features you get additionally. This material offers great durability, it functions very well in both high and low levels of traffic, and it’s easy to install and keep clean. It’s really every homeowner's dream, in so many ways.

At Casa Carpet, Tile & Wood Wholesale Distributors, we have years of experience in the flooring industry. Over those years, we have come to offer the lowest prices in the area, with a huge selection of materials to choose from. Our service area includes El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Fort Bliss, TX, and Alamogordo, New Mexico. We hope you’ll visit our El Paso, TX showroom at your convenience so that we can help you get your own flooring project started right away.

Laminate offers benefits you can stand on

As a wood-look flooring, there are some things you can just expect when it comes to laminate floors. For instance, its ability to be placed in a variety of different settings. This flooring is right at home in living rooms and bedrooms, for instance, and creates that classy elegance that only wood can do. At the same time, a water-resistant option allows it to be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, foyers and more, with little worry that anything bad will happen to the material.

Thanks to the layered, heavy construction, these floors can really offer nice durability. Standing up to higher levels of traffic quite well, they are popular for busier homes and commercial settings. In fact, the thicker the product itself, as well as the wear layer, the more protection you’ll receive for your floors. The lifespan is affected by thickness as well, with thicker products being more impervious to many dings of regular traffic.

An underlayment often accompanies laminate, being installed just underneath the flooring. This helps to alleviate much of the clicking noise that can sometimes happen as you walk across it. It gives a resilient feel while also helping to reduce noise and offering a warmer touch than you might have expected. This underlayment also helps to create a much more comfortable place to stand while preparing meals or dishwashing.

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