Will solid hardwood flooring add to my home value?

Will solid hardwood flooring add to my home value?

Solid hardwood flooring is a great way to add to your home's value. It can raise the worth of your home, even if only installed in a single room.

There are many reasons for this added value, including visuals and performance. Here are some facts that can help you raise the value of your home.

The most extended lifespan is a sought-after feature

These floors have a reputation for lifespans that can exceed 100 years. You'll get the most extended lifespan from solid wood materials with a professional installation.

Engineered floors can last a long time, too, with lifespans for this wood flooring option that reaches 30 years. The better you care for these materials, the longer they will last.

Stunning visuals are important too

Few materials can stand up alongside the timeless visuals these floors bring. That's why so many materials mimic the elegant appearance.

You can customize your floors with ease. Choose a species, stain color, texture, and layout, for custom floors your way.

The ability to refinish is important

Another essential feature of hardwood is the ability to refinish them. Once wear starts to show, refinishing brings them back to life for more years of performance.

Solid hardwood flooring can be refinished several times before replacement is necessary. And we have more information about these materials for you when you visit us at your convenience.

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