Which hardwood flooring is the most durable?

Hickory/pecan is the hardest domestic species (harvested within North America), with ash, hard maple, and oak not being far behind. Therefore, hardness is an important consideration when selecting wood flooring, especially if you have a large family or other wear issues.

Using the Janka Scale of Hardness

Janka, an impact test, is the industry standard for measuring a wood's hardness, and each species is assigned a number. The higher the number, the stronger the wood, with many hardwood experts saying 1,000 to 1200 is a good benchmark for strength.

Hickory's level is 1830; ash, 1320; white oak,1360 and red oak, 1290. You might also look at yellow birch, 1260; hard maple, 1450, and exotics, like Brazilian cherry, 2350. When you see a hardwood species that interests you, ask your hardwood flooring company where it stands on Janka.

Think about stains and finishes

An oil-based finish is the hardest, but water-based ones aren't that far behind. However, natural oils might need to be reapplied more often, while many prefinished floors use the ultra-tough aluminum oxide finish.
Solid hardwood flooring or engineered?

Wood durability isn't always just about dent- and-scratch-resistance. You need to think also about warping, cupping, and crowning, as they can create structural damage. There are two versions of wood floors, solid and engineered, the latter being more stable and better able to handle water. That makes it less prone to warping, shrinking, and expanding.

While engineered wood floors still can't be installed in highly wet and steamy areas like the bath, they can go in higher-than-normal moisture places where solid cannot. This is something to consider and should be discussed with a flooring professional.

Engineered wood floors are almost always prefinished, which uses aluminum oxide, an industrial-strength coating not available for home use. However, many feel that adds to the strength.

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