What’s lurking in my carpet?

What’s lurking in my carpet?

Have you taken a long, hard look at your carpet lately? Is it scarred from the years of walking inside with your shoes on? Does it hold the ghosts of Christmases past when family members got too excited and spilled their eggnog? Is it tattooed by your kids’ various art projects gone awry? Most people answer yes to these questions. Others will say no, but not because their carpets are free from imperfections but because the stains were formed from other sorts of mishaps.

Now, have you ever wondered just what is lurking within the depths of your old carpet? At Casa Carpet & Tile, we’re here to answer this question.

#1: Bacteria, Viruses, and Germs

There are millions and millions of bacteria, viruses, and germs living in older carpets. From Staphylococcus to the flu, you never know what might be lurking in old carpet. Even after having them professionally cleaned, germs are hard to remove from older carpets.

#2: The Crumbs of Yesterday, The Crumbs of Tomorrow

You can vacuum and vacuum to your heart’s content, but you won’t be able to remove crumbs completely, especially those that have fallen to the deep, dark crevices of your carpet. This is especially true if you live in an older home with older carpeting (shag carpeting anyone?). You might’ve forgotten about that slice of pizza you ate without a plate ten years ago, but your carpet hasn’t.

#3: Bug Carcasses

You read that correctly. There are probably thousands of bug carcasses within the depths of your carpets—everything from roaches and flies to ants, beetles, moths, and more. No one likes bugs, dead or alive (except for maybe bees, ladybugs, and butterflies; they can stay), especially when they are in our homes, and old carpet tends to become their cemeteries. Just like their carcasses in shag carpeting, let that sink in.

How to Free Your Home of These Things

Luckily, you have options:

  • New Carpet- Upgrading to new carpet can eliminate these nasty things from your home. Newer carpet tends to be easier to clean and won’t have the crumbs of your past to hold against you. At Casa Carpet & Tile, we have a wide variety of new carpet for you to choose from!
  • Tile- Tile is much easier to clean and looks great in any room of your house. If you’re tired of carpet, as many people do become over the years, no matter how nice their carpet is, tile is a great option for you!
  • Wood Floors- Wood floors are a durable, easy to clean option that you can look into as well. We have a wide selection for you to choose from at our store!

The bottom line is: new is always better. If you’re scared of what might be haunting your decades-old carpet, upgrading to new carpeting, tiled floors, or wood floors is the way to go!

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