Top Wood Floor Trends for 2023

Trends come and go, but hardwood flooring is a timeless selection for homeowners and renovators. Not only does it add to the value of your home, but if you’re someone who is eager to experiment and redefine your style, having a solid foundation that can adapt and grow with you is crucial.
After all, changing fundamental parts of your home every few seasons can cost you thousands. But save on time and money by looking at these five hardwood flooring trends for 2023 that will always stay in style.
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        1. Neutrals
    Neutrals are not only a staple for your wardrobe but your home, too. By sticking to classic wood color palettes like Johnson Hardwood’s Doppelbock or Bruce’s Saddle 2.25, you can feel confident that your floors can match any style you’re looking for.
    A deep, dark espresso-colored floor is perfect for those with a more classic style like Traditional or Bohemian. Dark wood floors add contrast to lighter decor and walls, making your unique style stand out.
    Or maybe you’re looking for floors that are the perfect mid-tone. Brown floors are known for their versatility—and their ability to disguise blemishes and scratches for our families in the area. For fans of the Modern Farmhouse or Mid-Century Modern, these floors will help you create the perfect warm and comforting feel you’re aiming for.
            2. Pale or Bleached Oak
      For fans of the contemporary or Scandinavian styles, TecWood’s Aspen Oak is the perfect example to demonstrate how pale-toned wood colors can make a room feel more open. Lighter flooring is a must to make your home always have that “just moved in” feel.  
              3. Bleached or White Washed
        While very similar to Pale or Bleached Oak floors, White Washed flooring gives the illusion of texture to those looking for a clean, rustic feel. Take a look at Texas Traditions’ Ancient Ruins that excel in their light color but manage to highlight the wood’s natural grains and knots.  
        This choice is perfect for homes with a Coastal interior design giving off light, bright, and airy aura paired with the perfect blues and greens to reflect off the sun’s natural light.
                4. Rustic
          If you’re an outdoor lover looking to capture the essence of the natural world in your home, rustic is the way to go. While the style has changed and developed throughout the years from the Modern Farm or Country Home to Mid-Century Modern and Modern Industrial, at its core, each of these styles still embraces the rustic feel by celebrating texture to create a homage to the world around us.
          As you peruse our extensive hardwood flooring catalog, keep an eye out for woods that are hand-scraped or distressed, like Mannington’s Smoked Habanero.
                  5. Patterns
            Once you’ve done the hard work of picking out the type of hardwood floor you want to be installed in your home, think about how you want it laid out. Similar to the design of brick, you can have your hardwood floors laid out in fun and unique patterns. Some examples are:
            • Random Widths: wide and narrow planks are used to create the illusion of a bigger space
            • On the Diagonal: runs from corner to corner of a room
            • Herringbone:  short,straight-edges boards, jammed point to point 
            • Chevron: similar to herringbone, more of a zig-zag effect
            • Parquet: consists of a square border and interlaced diagonals

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