Top 4 hardwood flooring trends in El Paso

Top 4 hardwood flooring trends in El Paso

Some trends go across the board nationally. However, we need to keep in mind that certain regions embrace specific trends.

Here are some trends specific to El Paso. Don't hesitate to contact our hardwood flooring company if you have questions.

Textures for rustic design

El Paso residents love the rustic decor. Even when they go with another type, mid-century or modern industrial, they still keep a rustic twist.

The best way to achieve that is through texture. These put the finishing touches on solid hardwood flooring and are what give the floor character.

1. Wire-brushed: A steel wire brush exposes the heartwood, giving the floor a rustic look.

2. Hand-scraped: long scrapes give every plank a hand-crafted, distinctive, antique look.

3. Distressed wood: Scrapes, scratches, and burn marks make the wood look like it has been through a lot.

Feel free to browse the entire inventory at our hardwood flooring company, where you'll see various species, colors, and textures.

Coastal looks for a relaxed vibe

This river town is drawn to the light, gray, whitewashed, or medium floors that underscore Coastal decor, including textures to give the floors that timeworn, casual look.

Fumed (AKA "smoked") floors also give a naturally worn look. Typically done on oak floors, fumed floors are unstained with color variations.

Reclaimed wood flooring

This wood tells a story about its past. It is taken from old, unused factories, wine cellars, and other buildings.

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