Tile vs. Wood: Finding the Right Flooring for Your Home

Tile vs. Wood: Finding the Right Flooring for Your Home

Thinking of adding new flooring to your home is the easy part. The hardest part in the process of applying new flooring is comparing materials. Tile and wood floors are some of the most popular choices amongst homeowners. Because of that, we’ve decided to compare the two flooring types in this blog to help you narrow down your options. Keep reading to find whether tile or hardwood would work best for you and your household!

Installation Costs

Any kind of flooring requires a willingness to make a great investment. In the case of real engineered hardwood with a veneer from common tree species, this kind of flooring can cost up to $3 to $10 per square foot, with some exotic species costing up to $15 per square foot.

Tile flooring such as porcelain and ceramic is a bit cheaper than hardwood, averaging out to $1.50 to $5 per square foot. Stone tiles can cost more if you are looking for something a bit more natural-looking. Tile is a great option if you are not looking for any flooring in specific and want a simple upgrade in flooring for your home.

How The Two Add Value to Your Home

While hardwood has been long desired and tile provides its many benefits, it all really depends. Tile floors are known to add more home value to a property in specific areas, especially in hot and humid climates because they help keep moisture out and encourage cool air quality.

Wood floors almost always tend to have a higher return on investment, in the more general scope of things. If you are looking for a guaranteed boost in overall home value, wood is your best bet. What is important to consider when it comes to wood is that real wood always adds more value, but synthetic hardwood floors become a matter of question when being compared to tile floors.

Maintenance and Durability

Some flooring types are easier than others to take care of, that’s just the simple truth of it. Sure, wood and tile are, in a very general sense, long-lasting and durable, they both still differ when it comes down to maintenance. Hardwood floors are more likely to scratch and show wear. If you are determined on hardwood floors, you want material that has a high rating, meaning it will not wear as easily.

On the contrary, most tiles are scratch-resistant, but they can still crack and chip, which might be even more work for you to take care of if you do run into damage. The good news is that tile is rather easy to replace and you wouldn’t have to do a full replacement to get your tile looking new.


The slip resistance of flooring is measured by a unit called the coefficient of friction (COF), which many flooring providers list on their spec sheets. You can speak to a local flooring retailer or professional to find out the COF of your desired choice in flooring.

Tile, specifically glazed tile, is known for being more slippery than hardwood floors. Unglazed tiles do provide more grip, but when up against hardwood floors, wood takes the win in grip. This is something you want to think carefully about depending on the activity in your home and where you live. If you live in a rather dry area, you can almost choose freely when it comes to flooring, but when you live in a more humid environment, wood might be the best option.

Where Tile and Wood Can Best Be Installed in Your Home

Tile works best in moisture-prone areas of homes because tile is designed to keep water from collecting. Wherever moisture hits the floor the most (kitchens, bathrooms) is where tile would work best for you and your household.

Because hardwood floors can contract and expand due to temperatures and moisture, hardwood is a more considerable option for bedrooms, living areas, and hallways. If you want to have one flooring material throughout your home, think about the prevalence of moisture in your home and how each flooring type will perform should water start seeping in.

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