The Pros and Cons of Stone Veneer

The Pros and Cons of Stone Veneer

Are you looking to renovate your home and get new flooring? While there are several flooring options out there, you might be interested in manufactured stone veneer. The stone look for your decor can increase both the aesthetic and the curb appeal of your home. 

The natural-looking stone veneer flooring is favored, and at the same time repelled by several people. Casa Carpet and Tile can help you decide whether you should opt for stone veneer, so let's go through the pros and cons together:


Natural Looking Design

Stone-based designs are very aesthetically pleasing and have been used for home decoration for several years. They look extremely natural. If you are a fan of nature, you would love the look of the stone veneer on your floors and walls. The design is very natural looking and adds the element of comfort to your home. 

Variety of Design 

These designs are made of cement which means that manufacturers can come up with designs of all sorts and add variety. There is a lot of creative space for you to come up with designs and Casa Carpet and Tile can help you with a variety of floor installations 


Flooring or wall designs should be as lightweight as possible so that they are easy to install, and will not need any additional features. With a manufactured stone veneer you don't need any foundation support. Since it is lightweight, you can get it installed wherever you want.  You can use it for the exterior decor as well as interior design


If you install stone veneer, you won't have to worry about changing the flooring or the wall decor for several years. Stone veneer is very durable and can last you for up to 75 years. Such flooring is fire resistant and can protect your home. Moreover, stone veneering is easy to maintain. You won't have to spend a lot of money or time to keep up with its maintenance. 


High Chances of Damage 

If the stone veneer is not installed properly, there are high chances of it being damaged. If you are in El Paso, you must contact Casa Carpet and Tile as they are wholesale distributors or carpet and tile. They can ensure that your stone veneer is installed properly to avoid water damage. 

The moisture can get trapped between the veneer and the wall causing sealing and other problems. Moisture could also result in mold, which can cause severe structural damage to walls. Therefore, It is very important to install the veneer carefully to steer clear from any excessive repairs. 

Tricky To Install 

The installation of stone veneer can be quite tricky if you do not have the right experts to help you. It would be best to acquire help from a reputable service to avoid installation-related hassles.  

Can Be More Expensive Than Other Option 

Stone veneers are slightly expensive, but if you are working with a low budget, you can find options that are cheaper in comparison. People often go for alternative options like vinyl if affordability is an issue.  

When it comes to stone veneers, the pros surely outweigh the cons. If you are located in El Paso and need help with stone veneers, you must get services from Casa Carpet and tile! Reach out to them now and request an estimate!