Benefits of Adding Stone Veneers to Your Home

A close-up image of black stone veneers in El Paso.

If you love the look of a stone exterior for your home but don't want to pay a steep price, you should consider stone veneers. Stone veneer, although looking and feeling like a natural rock surface, is often a manmade product. Stone veneers are becoming increasingly popular. They provide the natural look and aesthetics of rock without the high cost and lengthy installation process. 

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6 Reasons to Add Stone Veneers to Your Home 

The Cost 

The main reason that people prefer stone veneers to the real thing is because of how much cheaper veneers are. Building a home consisting of natural rocks can be expensive because the rocks have to be purchased and transported to the construction site. 

Because of how heavy rocks are, this process takes time, and rocks are much more expensive than other building materials because of how exclusive they are. Stone veneers, on the other hand, typically don't cost much more than other forms of siding. 

The Easy Installation 

The installation process is much easier because stone veneers weigh a fraction of as much as real rocks. Additionally, because the process is easier and faster, the installation cost is much less with stone veneers than with rocks. Because of how manageable stone veneers are, there's even a chance that you can install them yourself. If, however, you don't want to turn your home's siding into a DIY project, contact us at Casa Carpet. 

Added Flexibility 

In addition to being flexible in the sense that you can install stone veneers almost anywhere, they're also literally flexible. Some stone veneer manufacturers design their products to be able to bend and contour, making them applicable for corners, poles, pillars, and similar installations. 


Even though stone veneers aren't always made of real rock, they're just as hard and durable on the outside. As a result, stone veneers are a long-lasting, stout siding option that can last for between 30 and 70 years, depending on the quality and composition of your stone veneers. Essentially, you shouldn't have to replace stone veneers until you're remodeling your home and are wanting to change up the outer appearance. 

Low Maintenance 

On top of being surprisingly durable and long-lasting, stone veneers also require very little ongoing maintenance. The only thing you'll have to do is occasionally clean your stone veneers, just as you would any other type of siding. To do this, you can either use cleaning products and clean them by hand or use pressure washing. Just be sure to use chemicals that won't damage the material from which your stone veneers are made. 

Very Lightweight 

Finally, it should come as no surprise that stone veneers are extremely lightweight compared to real rocks. In addition to making for a cheaper and easier installation process, lighter weight also makes stone veneers more versatile than real rocks. Stone veneers also won't put as much weight and strain on the structural integrity of your home. 

Who to Contact For the Best Stone Veneers in El Paso

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