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Solid Wood Floors

Own the Real Deal...

When people think or hear "wood floors", they are likely imagining what people in the industry know as Solid Wood Flooring. Picture thick 3/4" planks, all milled from a single piece of timber and hammered in with nails. These are the wood floors you hear about lasting centuries with the right environment and care. Talk to an experienced Casa Rep for details on the care and installation of a real solid wood floor.

Solid wood floors are a natural product, full of rich character that people love. But please note, with that natural character, you will not receive a cookie-cutter product. Solid wood floors will have color variations in the wood, as well as natural blemishes. The pictures below are just samples of solid wood flooring and should be used as a guideline only. We strongly urge you to visit our showroom if you would like to make a purchase. All wood floors must be acclimated to your home or location for a minimum of 48 hours prior to install.