Are laminate floors the best choice for me?

Are laminate floors the best choice for me?

Choosing home flooring can be a doozy- there are so many choices to choose from! From laminate floors to delicately patterned porcelain tile, the sheer amount of variety can boggle the mind. How do you make the right decision? How do you know your choice will fulfill your future needs? Sometimes the amount of choices can make your head spin until they all start looking alike. That is why Casa Carpet, & Tile has some handy tips to ensure you choose the right style, type, and pattern for your home without making your head spin until you heave pea green soup.

The First Step – Consider Your Lifestyle

This is a crucial step that can’t be skipped. You need to consider your lifestyle and not just what you need right now. We mean you need to consider your needs now and in the future. If you are a childless couple who plan on having kids, you probably want something that will weather the changes in life well. Being able to look elegant yet endure the pitter patter of little feet in the future means you want something that is both beautiful and durable.

Are you a pet person? Dog and cat claws can do a number on hardwood floors, so they may not be the best option for a new floor. Porcelain tile may not endure dropped food and trailing water from the water dish very well, as well as dropped food dishes. Carpet is definitely not the choice either unless you plan on becoming very good friends with your vacuum cleaner. So what does that leave?

Laminate Floors – Not Your Grandmother’s Flooring Anymore

Many of us grew up with some type of laminate flooring or another. From vinyl to laminate floors that peeled up with age and use, it fell out of favor in lieu of more fashionable and textured floor options. Today, laminate flooring comes in many different options, patterns, and textures. In fact, many people choose laminate flooring that looks like wood for both durability and longevity while their guests are none the wiser.

Remember, even if you are a childless couple, you may want kids and maybe even a dog or two in the future. Laminate flooring has the ability to look good and transition easily in a home that goes from cocktail parties to kindergarten play dates. Hardwood floors may sound like a good idea, but they require a lot of maintenance. Any water drop or sticky substance can compromise the wood. Not to mention the constant need for specialized cleaning products and polishing required to keep them looking amazing!

Find Any Floor Style at Casa Carpet, & Tile in El Paso

At Casa Carpet & Tile, you will find our expert floor consultants are ready to help you narrow down your flooring options. We know that this selection can be overwhelming which is why we know what questions to ask in order to narrow down your choices. We carry everything from laminate floors to shaggy carpet styles, which is why we are your best bet to find the right flooring for your home. Contact us today!